Photo Tutorial: Gloves

A detailed photo tutorial for crafters who want to learn how to make gloves for dolls and figures.

Level: Advanced

This tutorial is for you if:
- you make clothes and accessories for dolls or figures (scales 1/3 to 1/9)
- you want to improve your skills and bring your works to the next level
- you are just interested in making doll gloves

After completing the tutorial, you know the techniques and tips that help you to create doll gloves yourself.

What you get: lifelong access to the photo tutorial by a private link, from any device at any time.

I'd be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the tutorial, feel free to contact me.

IMPORTANT: the tutorial teaches how to make the pattern but does not contain it. The pattern can be purchased separately as PDF and scaled to any size.

5 Photo Parts:
Part 1. Preparing to work. Making the pattern and mock-up
Part 2. Preparing the parts
Part 3. Assembling the parts
Part 4. Assembling the parts (ending)
Part 5. Finishing

4 Video Parts:
Making the pattern
Assembling and stitching the front parts and the thumb parts
Sewing the thumb parts
Attaching the fourchettes + turning out

Bundle of photo tutorials "Leatherwork. Thinning, dyeing"
Gloves patterns examples

Important materials and tools needed:In the tutorial, I sew only by hand.
The gloves are made of thinned lambskin leather (to thin leather you need a special leather thinning machine).

Additional Information:
Gloves scale: 1/6
The gloves are originally made for TTM18-19 figures hands.
The tutorial is also suitable for slightly larger / smaller gloves (1/3 to 1/9 scale).
You're allowed to sell the items you make following the tutorial.
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