Video Tutorial: Timberland Boots

A detailed video tutorial for crafters who want to learn how to make Timberland boots for dolls and figures.

Level: Intermediate

This tutorial is for you if:
- you make shoes for dolls or figures (scales from 1/3 to 1/9)
- you want to improve your skills and bring your works to the next level
- you are just interested in making doll shoes

After completing the tutorial, you know the techniques and tips that help you to create doll shoes yourself.

Duration: 2 h 30 min
What you get: lifelong access to online videos by a private link, from any device at any time. The video has no sound, but text comments instead.

I'd be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the tutorial, feel free to contact me.

IMPORTANT: the tutorial focuses on the boot assembly process with pre-made sewing patterns, shoe lasts, and outsoles. The tutorial does not contain the sewing patterns, shoe lasts, and outsoles, and does not teach how to make them. They can be purchased separately as PDF and 3D-files and scaled to any size.


5 video parts:
Part 1. Part preparation, stitching, gathering
Part 2. Rivet setting, lasting the boot, attaching the inner sole
Part 3. Leather "collar", lining, attaching the outsole
Part 4. Weathering
Part 5. Logos

Video-tutorial "Basics of sewing with a machine"
Bundle of photo tutorials "Eyelets: Where to buy, how to make, how to set"
Bundle of photo tutorials "Leatherwork. Thinning, dyeing"
Photo tutorial "Details about the shoe lasts"
Photo tutorial "How I print outsoles on an LCD 3D-printer"
Where to buy tools and supplies for miniatures

Important materials and tools needed:
The tutorial requires a sewing machine.
The boots are made of thinned nubuck leather (to thin leather you need a special leather thinning machine). If you don't have the machine you can replace nubuck with fine lambskin leather 0.5-0.6 mm thick.
Shoe lasts and outsoles are printed on a 3D printer. They can be made by hand instead.

Additional Information:
Boot scale: 1/6 (outsole length: 5 cm).
The boots are originally made for TTM18-19 figures.
The tutorial is also suitable for slightly larger / smaller boots (scales from 1/3 to 1/9).
You're allowed to sell the items you make following the tutorial.

Part 1. Part preparation, stitching, gathering
  • how I cut parts as accurate as possible
  • how I stitch and what threads I use
  • how I fix the ends of the threads
  • how I punch holes for rivets
  • how to get rid of unnecessary thickness in the seams
Part 2. Rivet setting, lasting the boot, attaching the inner sole
  • how I set tiny rivets
  • how I shape the boots with shoe lasts
  • how I attach insoles so that they fit exactly in place
  • how I prepare the bottom of the boot before attaching an outsole
Part 3. Leather "collar", lining, attaching the outsole
  • how I make the leather collar
  • how I make the lining, and how to match it with the inner sole
  • how I paint the outsoles using masking tape
  • how I attach the outsole to the boot
  • what I use as a lace
Part 4. Weathering
  • what materials and tools I use for the outsoles and nubuck parts
  • what colors I use and how I get them
  • how I apply "dirty" to make weathering look natural
Part 5. Logos
  • how I make the logo on the insole so that it blends with the leather
  • how I make the multicolor label with a black background
  • how I make the logo on nubuck easily and neatly, without spoiling the nubuck
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