3D Outsoles: Cowboy Boots

Outsoles for making cowboy boots for dolls and figures.

Original scale: 1/6 (sole length is 5 cm).
The outsole can be scaled to make larger / smaller boots (scales from 1/3 to 1/9).

What you get: lifelong access to downloadable 3D models (.STL for printing, .OBJ and .ZPR for making changes) + text explanations by a private link, from any device at any time.

I'd be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the outsoles, feel free to contact me.

IMPORTANT: the outsoles need 3D printing (by yourself or via a 3D printing service). The outsoles are made based on the shoe lasts, which can be purchased separately as a 3D model or made by yourself.

The outsoles include:
- The outsoles with stitching
- The outsoles without stitching

3D printing type: preferably photopolymer (thus you can achieve max accuracy) or FDM with a min layer thickness (0.03-0.04 mm).

Additional Information:
The proportions of the outsoles are close to human feet. A slight modifying may be needed to match the doll's foot. By default, the outsoles suit TTM18-19 action figures feet.
You're allowed to sell the shoes you make using the outsoles.
You're not allowed to sell the printed outsoles themselves.
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